Bungalows on Ko Lanta

On Koh Lanta, there are basically two types of accommodation : The higer priced Bungalows and Resorts of Klong Dao (the first) beach and the muslim shanties of the south part of the island. To choose one or the other is a bit like making a choice between Scylla and Charybdis. Traditionally, Koh Lanta bungalows have always had a very short five-month season, starting mid-November and ending end-March, with the bulk of the arrivals around the Christmas/New year period.

Klong Dao Beach

The first beach on the island to offer tourist accomodation, and nowadays the most developed on Ko Lanta.

On Klong Dao Beach there are up to five stars resorts like the Pimalai Resort and the recenly established Layana Resort.

Even though prices are higher on this part of the island,they enjoy the highest booking rates and occupancy during all season. Nowadays visitors are looking for the outmost of service and relaxation offered on the island, which these resorts offer at their best.

Outside Klong Dao

Moving south from the first (Klomg Dao) beach, you are penetrating ever deeper into the muslim heartland . Touts meeting you at the ferry and pushing and pulling you in every direction will be advertising bungalows down here for prices as low as 50 or 100 Baht, but when you get down there, you'll find that those Bungalows have just been filled up, and sorry, we only have 700 Baht Bungalows now. If you now decide to try your luck elsewhere, you'll be facing several hours walking through the heat and the dust, because the bungalow will certainly refuse to drive you anywhere.
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